fintechNEXT: Alternative Data and the Future of Investment Management

June 17, 2020

This webinar covered the following:

Alternative data being used by investment managers in a growing number of ways, including investment performance and risk management. “Alt data” can include a wide variety of information, including social media, communication metadata, satellite imagery and geospatial information. Historically, money managers have relied on a relatively small selection of commercially-provided data sets. With “alt data,” firms now have an opportunity to develop a proprietary information advantage over their competitors in the market. Questions still remain, however, as to the unique legal and regulatory challenges that using “alt data” raises.

In this fintechNEXT webinar, Joe Boerio, Executive Vice President, Chief Risk & Transformation Officer, joined Dechert partner Timothy Spangler for a conversation about building and maintaining an investment manager’s proprietary data infrastructure and determining the return on investment that “alt data” can ultimately deliver

External Speaker:
Joe Boerio, Executive Vice President, Chief Risk & Transformation Officer
Franklin Templeton

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