A Price Worth Paying?


A Price Worth Paying? is a drama film showing how important it is for boards of directors to monitor all risks affecting their companies and for boards to react in the right way when a crisis strikes. The movie focuses on the difficult issues of executive compensation, the evaluation of risk around an acquisition in an emerging market, the depth of inquiry of an Audit Committee and the adequacy of the response to a serious whistleblower allegation. It reinforces the importance of setting the right “tone from the top” and the importance of directors asking all of the right questions. 

Written by former Dechert partner Duncan Wiggetts and directed by Nick White who was shortlisted for the BAFTA 2011 Short Film Award, A Price Worth Paying? features an all-star cast of television and film actors. London-based Area 17 produced the film.

A Price Worth Paying? has a running time of 35 minutes presented in four parts, each packed full of issues designed to provoke discussion among (but not limited to):

  • boards of directors
  • senior executive management
  • general counsel/corporate counsel teams
  • compliance and risk managers
  • heads of internal audit
  • institutional shareholders
  • corporate governance officers

The film has been featured in articles by The Wall Street JournalLaw 360(PDF)Corporate Counsel, and the ABA Journal, as well as in a Bloomberg Law interview with screenwriter and former Dechert partner Duncan Wiggetts.


A Price Worth Paying

A Price Worth Paying?

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