Brexit Postponed…and Softened?

April 15, 2019

Brexit has been postponed again, until at least 31 October 2019, but with the possibility that it may occur sooner, maybe even within a few weeks. 

While a “no-deal” Brexit remains a default possibility, both UK and EU seem as a practical matter determined to avoid it. Revocation of the Article 50 notice has entered discourse as an option favoured by substantial minority, but is not under active consideration.

The UK government continues to seek a majority in the UK Parliament to support the Withdrawal Agreement, and if Parliament ratifies the agreement at any point before then, Brexit could happen before October. The focus currently is on discussions between the government and the Labour Party. In this update we review what has been agreed by the EU, as well as the main issues under discussion between the government and Labour: a Customs Union and the Single Market.

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