Life Sciences: What's new in France?

May 18, 2021

Read more about the recent developments in the life sciences sector in France.


  • The EU’s action plan on Intellectual Property after Covid-19
  • Negotiation and mediation: How life sciences companies can institutionalize the use of these tools during the pandemic and beyond
  • Reshaping early access programs: Simplification, but strengthening of eligibility
  • The Aspen case: the Commission issues its first decision relating to excessive pricing in the pharmaceutical sector
  • “Pay-for-Delay”: the European Court of Justice confirms the anticompetitive nature of Lundbeck’s reverse payment patent 
  • French Administrative Supreme Court extends pharmacies’ capacities to compete online in the EU market
  • Adoption of the new framework agreement governing the setting and regulation of prices of medicinal products: Despite ambitious objectives, an implementation to watch

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