Fund Finance: NAV Facilities in the Current Market

April 22, 2020

In the current market, fund finance bankers and lawyers have been facing unprecedented challenges across a wide array fund finance structures, from subscription lines and NAV facilities to asset-based loan financing.

NAV facilities, in particular, provide targeted financing and capital solutions to private equity funds and other private investment vehicles.  In this webinar, a round table of fund finance industry experts from Crestline, Hark Capital, TP ICAP, Velocity Capital and Dechert LLP will focus on NAV credit facilities and discuss:

• The impact of current markets on existing NAV facilities
.• Restructuring NAV facilities.
• Key points when structuring new NAV facilities in stressed markets.
• How to think about defaults and foreclosures.

Matthew Kerfoot
Dechert LLP

Khizer Ahmed
Managing Director

Doug Cruikshank
Head of Fund Financing
Hark Capital

Ed Levy
Managing Director
Velocity Capital Advisors, LLC 

Amit Mahajan
Managing Director
Crestline Investors, Inc.

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