ESG Considerations for U.S. Asset Managers Webinar

April 24, 2020

This webinar covered the following:

ESG awareness is becoming a priority for issuers, investors, asset managers and, increasingly, regulators. Investors’ consideration of the social and environmental impact of their investment activities (ESG investing) is transforming the proposition offered by many asset managers and the ways in which they operate. Emerging ESG trends and issues—including developing differences in standards, definitions and ratings—also affect the way that issuers and asset managers think about performance and disclosure. Understanding the evolving legal and regulatory framework relating to ESG is increasingly crucial for U.S. legal and compliance professionals.

In light of this, Dechert partners will discuss current U.S. and EU developments in ESG impacting on U.S. asset managers, including:

• Regulatory approaches, including EU regulation, SEC activity and ERISA guidance.
• Investor expectations.
• The practical impact of these developments on U.S. asset managers.

Please note that this event is closed to journalists, reporters and any other members of the press.  If you are a member of the press and are interested in speaking with someone about the topics being discussed at this event, please contact Ashley Baldev at 

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