Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for Asset Managers  

We provide practical advice to leading asset managers across the United States, Europe, Asia and other jurisdictions on ESG matters.

ESG awareness is a priority for issuers, investors, asset managers and, increasingly, regulators. Investors’ consideration of the social and environmental impact of their investment activities (ESG investing) is transforming the proposition offered by many asset managers and the ways in which they operate. Emerging ESG trends and issues also affect the way that issuers and asset managers think about performance and disclosure. Understanding legal and regulatory considerations and requirements that apply to ESG is crucial for legal and compliance professionals. 

Dechert’s multidisciplinary team — including representatives from Financial Services, Tax, ERISA, Enforcement, and other groups — monitors for and provides actionable advice related to legal, regulatory, enforcement and other ESG trends and developments in jurisdictions around the globe. As a result, Dechert is uniquely positioned to help asset managers and other financial services industry participants to anticipate and respond to emerging ESG trends and developments in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner.

How Can Dechert Help Fund and Asset Managers Considering ESG?

We provide clients with solutions-oriented legal, regulatory, and business advice on a wide variety of ESG-related matters, including:

  • Understanding and navigating the evolving ESG and sustainability-related regulatory landscape and requirements (in the United States, Europe and Asia);
  • Forming ESG funds and other investment products;
  • Integrating ESG considerations and ratings, criteria and standards into existing products and strategies;
  • Responding to ESG-related regulatory inquiries and examinations;
  • Negotiating side letters to address investors’ ESG considerations;
  • Drafting ESG disclosures, compliance programs, screening questionnaires and responses to due diligence inquiries;
  • Helping design ESG-related policies and procedures, including those related to proxy voting;
  • Helping design ESG-related investment oversight and governance controls;
  • Understanding ESG screening;
  • Addressing specific sustainability and ESG topics that arise in the private equity context; and
  • Addressing fiduciary and other considerations, including with regard to retirement and pension plan assets.


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September 22, 2020

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