The Euro Crisis: Issues for Investment Managers and Financial Institutions

October 20, 2012

The economic uncertainty affecting the Eurozone makes it increasingly important for investment managers to anticipate the impact of a “Eurozone event,” such as the exit of a country from the Eurozone, and to plan the steps they would need to take in response to such a development. Managing this risk includes short and medium term steps to reduce risk or exposure, as well as the action that would need to be taken on the occurrence of an actual Eurozone exit.

Continuing uncertainty in the Euro area, coupled with new bank capital adequacy rules and ongoing U.S. and EU regulatory initiatives in response to the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, also may create opportunities for buyers and sellers of financial enterprises, as well as for other strategic transactions.

Dechert has produced and will continue to develop a series of Dechert OnPoint briefings for investment managers on Eurozone issues. Visit this page regularly for links to our latest publications.

Read our White Paper: The Euro Crisis – Contingency Planning for Asset Managers for a closer look at issues for investment managers.

Examining the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis