A full service solution for Irish investment funds

DSL is a full service solution for Irish investment funds enabling compliance with Corporate Secretarial requirements, applicable Irish Law, the Irish Corporate Governance Code and the Central Bank’s CP86 initiative.

    • Provision of corporate secretary and dedicated point of contact for all board contributors.
    • Scheduling and organising quarterly and ad-hoc board meetings.
    • Preparation of agenda and board packs in hard and secure electronic format.
    • Attendance at board meetings, drafting quality minutes, preparation and coordination of action points.
    • Preparation and filing of Companies Registration Office and/or Central Bank ICAV forms within required time limits.
    • Organizing and facilitating Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.
    • Safekeeping of the corporate seal and maintenance of sealing register.
    • Provision of registered office address, modern meeting rooms and teleconference facilities.
    • Retaining and safeguarding the minute books and statutory registers of the fund.
    • Retaining and safeguarding non-statutory registers (i.e., register of charges).
    • Acting as service of process agent for service made in Ireland.
    • Registration of a DSL-nominated staff member with the Central Bank as the System Administrator for the Fund.
    • Preparation and filing of the Annual Fitness and Probity confirmations.
    • In collaboration with the board, identifying and assigning access to the delegates responsible for filing certain returns (i.e., annual/interim financial statements).
    • Online, password-protected support portal providing real time fund information.
    • Preparation and maintenance of online board papers and interactive board calendar.
    • Document management system enabling immediate retrievability of records.
    • Provision of designated email address for Central Bank communication.