7th Annual Funds Congress: Video Highlights

April 05, 2018

At the 2018 Funds Congress, hosted by Carne, Dechert LLP and PwC, over 1200 delegates heard from our best ever line up of panelists and keynote speakers including global CEOs, CIOs, regulators and industry leaders, on the themes that will define the year ahead in asset management. During the day we sat down with a number of the Funds Congress speakers to discuss the key takeaways from their respective sessions, including Brexit, regulatory priorities, consolidation within the asset management industry and more.  

Brexit scenarios highlights reel

In this video highlighting takeaways from the Funds Congress Brexit Tomorrow panel, Dechert associate Lindsay Trapp and TheCityUK CEO Miles Celic discuss the range of Brexit scenarios likely to occur as well as whether the asset management industry is making itself heard during negotiations between the UK and the EU.

Brexit Tomorrow: Economic Impacts; Threats and Opportunities

Hot asset classes for 2018

In this video highlighting takeaways from the Global Asset Allocation panel, Carne Luxembourg CEO Steve Bernat and Michele Gaffo, Global Head of Insurance Coverage, Deutsche Bank Asset Management, discuss the “hot” asset classes for 2018, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

Global Asset Allocation: Perspectives in 2018

Market volatility outlook

In this highlights video from the Funds Congress Global Asset Allocation session, Carne Luxembourg CEO Steve Bernat interviews Jayne Styles, Chief Investment Officer at MS Amlin, regarding the potential for increased volatility in the market in 2018 after a strong performance in 2017 and the potential impact of such volatility on long-term asset allocation strategies.

Global Asset Allocation: Perspectives in 2018


The big picture in asset management

Dechert partner Monica Gogna interviews Robert Taylor, Head of Global Asset Management Regulatory Strategy for the Financial Conduct Authority, regarding the big picture behind the varied regulations currently impacting the asset management industry.

Regulatory Keynote from the FCA: Direction of Travel

Regulatory priorities

In this video highlighting takeaways from the Funds Congress Regulatory Priorities session, Dechert associate Lindsay Trapp interviews partner and panel moderator Monica Gogna, who summarizes the group’s discussion. Topics include the future pace of regulation and how the asset management industry can ensure its voice will be heard, as well as insights regarding ETFs, the 2017 Summer Delegation Opinions and the ESA Review.

Regulatory Priorities for 2018 and Beyond: How Will You Be Affected?


SEC priorities and the Trump administration

In this Funds Congress highlights video, Dechert partner Chris Christian interviews Troy Paredes, former SEC Commissioner and Founder of Paredes Strategies, regarding his regulatory keynote address on SEC priorities and the impact of the Trump administration.

Regulatory Keynote: The SEC and the Trump Administration — What to Expect


In this Fund Congress highlights video, Carne Group Global Head of Strategic Development Jeremy Soutter interviews Campbell Fleming, Global Head of Distribution for Aberdeen Standard Investments, regarding takeaways from the Aberdeen Asset Management/Standard Life merger as well as whether more concentration can be expected in the industry over the next few years.

Paradigm Shift: Consolidation of the Asset Management Industry


Highlights from the 7th annual Funds Congress

Held on 8 February 2018 at London's QEII Centre, the Funds Congress was presented by Carne, Dechert LLP and PwC and drew more than 1,200 delegates from 30+ countries, making Funds Congress the largest asset management conference in Central London.

Highlights from the 7th Annual Funds Congress 2018